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Being in ministry can be one of the most rewarding, life-giving pursuits we can experience. Ministry can also have its challenges. Whenever you step out to do something God has asked you to do, there comes a moment in the process where you might think, I could really use some help!

The Gateway Network offers you help right where you are. Pastor Robert Morris and Pastor Jimmy Evans know how it feels to be a leader in ministry and still be looking for someone to come alongside and partner with you. Because of that, we want to serve you on your journey to become who God called you to be.

We are excited to offer phase one of this vision: the Gateway Resource Network. The Gateway Resource Network will create and supply dynamic resources to equip churches and leaders on every level. We hope you will find this to be a wealth of practical content, biblical insight, and ministry tools that will assist you and your ministry.

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Our Resources

Here are a few examples of the dynamic resources we offer to Gateway Resource Network members. Click each category to view sample resources and a description.

Membership Benefits:

Your membership will include access to resources including Gateway’s Staff Development Classes, Departmental Best Practice Videos, Pastoral Study Libraries, Equip Discipleship Class Packages, Student Ministries Series Packages, Live Event and Product Discounts, and other Gateway resources. New resources will be added on a monthly basis.

Resource Network

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So much has happened at Gateway Church in the last 16 years and we have documented every step of the journey. Gateway Resource Network members enjoy unlimited access to our own in-depth, personal library of how-tos and leadership training.

One of the things we are excited to offer members is access to Gateway’s First Tuesdays. These monthly Continuing Education and Development Courses are used to train and empower our entire staff. Members can also attend One-Day Leadership Seminars and Gateway Pastors School experiences and Gateway Conferences at discounted rates. Gateway Resource Network members receive our most valued content whenever they want it.

As we come alongside you and your ministry, our hope is that the lessons we have learned and the strategies and processes that have worked for us will bless you as you continue doing kingdom work.

Pricing: $1,500/Annually (17% Discount) or $150/Monthly

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Frequently Asked Questions

Remember, we’re in this together! We want to help you grow your ministry. Here’s a look at some of the questions others have asked about the Gateway Resource Network.

Who can join the Gateway Resource Network and what is the cost?

Any individual, church, or ministry from any part of the world can be a member of the Gateway Resource Network. Members should be English-speaking and have an internet connection. There are two payment options for membership: $150/monthly or $1,500/annually (17% discount).

Will our church need additional memberships for other team members?

Our heart is for one membership to serve your entire church. When you sign up for Gateway Resource Network, your membership includes up to five logins for your team. Once you are registered as a member, you will have the ability to invite up to four additional team members to get their own logins at no additional charge.

When will my method of payment be charged?

When you join Gateway Resource Network, your method of payment will be charged when you complete the sign-up process. Annual memberships will renew annually on the anniversary of your initial sign-up. Monthly members will experience a recurring monthly charge.

When can I get full access to Gateway Resource Network resources?

When you complete the sign-up process, you become a member! Annual and Monthly members have immediate access to the full resource offerings. Those who choose the Free option will have access to document downloads.

What resources can I expect to find on the site?

Your membership will include access to resources, including Gateway’s staff development classes, departmental best practice videos, a pastoral study library, Equip discipleship class packages, student ministries series packages, live event and product discounts, and other Gateway resources. New resources will be added on a monthly basis.

Can I donate to help others become members of the Gateway Resource Network?

Yes. Many churches have already asked if they can partner with us to provide scholarships to churches and leaders to join Gateway Resource Network. There is an option to donate using the GIVE link in the menu at the top of this page.