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Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a look at some of the questions others have asked about the Gateway Resource Network.
What can I expect to find on the site?

Gateway Resource Network is an ever-growing collection of over 1600 resources which were created and curated with you in mind. These resources include over 300 hours of teaching and we’re adding new resources every month! It is designed to help you right where you are and help you get to the next level. Churches of all sizes can benefit from unlimited access to our own in-depth, personal library of how-tos and leadership training.

Who can join the Gateway Resource Network and what is the cost?

The Resource Network is easily accessible from mobile, tablet, or computer and any leader, church, or ministry from any part of the world can join. An internet connection is required to access the resources. There are two membership options, Standard (Free) and Premium ($75/month or $750/year.) Simply choose the membership plan that’s best for you.

Will our church need additional memberships for other team members?

When you sign up as a Premium member of Gateway Resource Network, your membership includes multiple logins for your team. Once you are registered as a Premium member, you will have the ability to invite additional team members to get their own logins at no additional charge by choosing the team tab in your profile. A Standard membership provides you with one login.

When will my method of payment be charged?

Standard Memberships are completely free and no method of payment is needed. If you sign up or change to a Premium membership in Gateway Resource Network, your method of payment will be charged when you complete the sign-up process. Annual Premium memberships will renew annually on the anniversary of your initial sign-up. Monthly Premium members will experience a recurring monthly charge.

Can I change my membership level?

Yes! We encourage you to discover the membership plan that’s best for you and adjust as needed. You have the ability to change your level of membership at any time by using the billing tab in your profile. Your profile may be accessed any time you are logged in to the Network. You may also update your method of payment in this same location.

Can I donate to the Gateway Resource Network?

Yes. Gifts designated to Gateway Network will provide scholarships to church-planters and leaders as well as facilitating the continuing development and distribution of quality resources to Resource Network members around the world. There is an option to donate using the GIVE menu or by visiting the GIVE page. Options are available for one-time gifts or scheduled, recurring contributions.